Star Trek Team Already Thinking About A Third Movie

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

In an exclusive two-part interview with, screenwriter and producer Damon Lindelof talks about the construction and direction of the Star Trek sequel, the decision to film the movie in 3D and the future of the franchise by teasing a possible third movie to the series. It really feels that all the people involved with the making of the Star Trek sequel really care about the outcome and the property itself.

Lindelof seems to be coy about the timetable of the Star Trek sequel and not saying when the movie will take place after the first movie in the timeline. But he does say how the dynamic of the crew of the USS Enterprise is now different in the sequel.

We have not seen Kirk as the captain of the Enterprise yet. We will see him be the captain in this movie and that changes the dynamic.

He continues to talk about the pressure of making the Star Trek sequel bigger and more epic than the first film. But rather than saying the sequel will have more action, Lindelof makes a point to say that the film will be more character driven because emotions and relationships are what is key in the Star Trek universe.

…at the end of the day I feel that Trek is at its best when it is intimate and human and relatable. And when I say human, that can include aliens too. But all the things that we view as emotional touchstones: love, loss, and courage and all those themes that are the core of Trek. You sometimes when you want to make a movie too big for its own good, it loses some of those essential values.

Lindelof also talks about the productions apprehension to shoot the Star Trek sequel in 3D. They wanted to have a good reason to make the movie a 3D movie and if 3D was important to the film’s storytelling.

We wanted to tell the story that we wanted to tell and we have already talked about the idea that all of us were a little bit cynical about doing the movie in 3D and then they set up a test at Bad Robot where they took footage from the first movie – the sequence when the Enterprise drops out of warp and they come upon all the federation vessels destroyed by the Narada and they are doing evasive maneuvers – and we just looked at each other after and said “that was kind of awesome.”

The interview concluded with Damon Lindelof teasing the possibility of a third Star Trek movie by citing Christopher Nolan’s Batman series as a prototype of how to do a pop culture movie series correctly. He also talks about if the sequel does well enough, a third movie can happen.

So three movies, again not to do everything that Christopher Nolan does, but if you do it right it’s a good model. But that idea, whether you want to call it a trilogy or not, although I reserve the right to when we are talking four years from now to say “this is the third movie in our trilogy,” but it does feel that three movies is the right responsibility for us to have the baton for before we then pass it off to the people who are take Trek to wherever they want to take it.

I would highly recommend reading the entire interview over at Trek Movie. They go on to talk about the impact of The Wrath of Khan on Lindelof, the mystery behind the production of the Star Trek sequel, what they’ll have in store for Comic Con 2012 and how the Star Trek sequel script evolved.

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