Star Trek Playing On The International Space Station!

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trekThis is a really cool story. It seems the astronauts up on the International Space Station got a special showing of the new Star Trek movie. NASA has long had a fun flirtation with Star Trek. The first ever space shuttle was named Enterprise, and the cast of the show was in attendance during it’s launch. So it’s no surprise they’d embrace this one. Here’s what NASA had to say, from Sci Fi Cool:

“I remember watching the original Star Trek series and, like many of my NASA co-workers, was inspired by the idea of people from all nations coming together to explore space,” Barratt said in a statement provided by Paramount. “Star Trek blended adventure, discovery, intelligence and story telling that assumes a positive future for humanity. The International Space Station is a real step in that direction, with many nations sharing in an adventure the world can be proud of.”


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