Star Trek Gets A Book Detailing 150 Years Of Federation History

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Who really needs to know when the Mongols ruled China? If you’re going to study history, you’re probably better off studying history that hasn’t happened yet. That might actually be useful some day. It just makes good sense.

So consider buying Star Trek Federation: The First 150 Years when it hits store shelves in November. As announced by CBS this morning the book will cover the first 150 years of Federation history in detail. Included along with a detailing of Federation events will be 50 previously unseen historical documents like important photos, illustrations, treaties, letters, and intelligence reports all taken from the United Federation of Planets’ recorded past.

It’s kind of like your high school history book, only with Vulcans and starships. In other words, actually worth reading.

Only, maybe it’s even more detailed than your high school history book. The average history book spends two chapters on the Bronze Age, and that lasted a couple thousand years. The First 150 Years spends six chapters just detailing everything from First Contact (as detailed in that other historical document Star Trek: First Contact) through the Organian Peace Treaty (forced upon Captain James T. Kirk by a powerful race of aliens in the year 2267) and the era of peace that followed afterward.

Unfortunately, they haven’t found a way to forget all that really terrible Xindi stuff from Star Trek: Enterprise so some of that will be in there too. But since the book will be filled with ship diagrams, alien diagrams, a handwritten letter from a young Jim Kirk (the real one, not the one from JJ Abrams’ alternate timeline), and info on epic historical battles it should be no problem to skim a little when Admiral Archer starts waxing nostalgic about the Aquatics and the Reptillians.

So if you’ve ever wanted to get your hands on the blueprints to Zephram Cochrane’s first warp engine, make sure you pre-order Federation: The First 150 Years right here. With a little help you might be able to beat James Cromwe… I mean Zephram… to the punch and contact the Vulcans yourself.

UPDATE! We’ve gotten a little extra information on the pedastool display stand that comes with the book. Apparently it has lights and an audio introduction by the great Captain Hikaru Sulu himself. Beam it onto your book shelf now!