Star Trek Fans Working To Restore The Enterprise D Bridge

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

An organization from Sherman Oaks, California will boldly go where no sci-fi geek has gone before. Project Enterprise Restoration is planning to do a full refurbishing of the USS Enterprise D bridge set from Star Trek: The Next Generation. The project will be supervised by some of the original production workers of the TNG set including Production Designer Herman Zimmerman, Illustrator Andrew Probert, and Art Director Sandra Veniziano.

Project Enterprise Restoration was founded when they discovered the set of the Enterprise D Bridge was scheduled for destruction by Paramount in late 2011. Some of the elements of the set were salvaged and the group discovered a majority of it was made from high-quality Fiberglas, instead of wood, which is why it survived for nearly 5 years after it was forgotten.

The Enterprise D Bridge set was built during the mid-90s when the original Next Generation TV set was destroyed at the end of Star Trek: Generations in 1994.

Project Enterprise Restoration plans to restore the Enterprise D Bridge as close to the original set with the help of The Next Generation production team. They want to make the restored set open to the public, as it will stand as a museum and meeting place for fellow Trekkies. The organization also wants to start a Kickstarter campaign to raise additional funds to supplement the cost of the restoration once they estimate the full cost of the project.

At the moment, Jean Luc Picard’s Captain’s Chair is getting refurbished in real leather as it was on the TV series. Project Enterprise Restoration believes this captain’s chair will be finished by October 2012 and will hopefully entice people to donate to their efforts. Check out the items from the Enterprise D Bridge the group managed to salvage:

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