Star Trek Fans: Get Your Own Starfleet Email Address

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

EnterpriseWhat do you get for the Star Trek fan who has everything? They’ve got the toys, they’ve got the movies, they’ve got the Christmas ornaments…hell, they’ve even got a copy of the animated series. One thing we’re betting they don’t have? A personalized Star Trek email address.

The folks over at announced the snazzy new service, which lets you create an email address with one of three extra-geeky Trek domains. You can opt for,, or the rather cumbersome @ussenterprise1701. Wouldn’t it have worked better just to have I suppose space beggars can’t be space choosers.

Sadly, your admission to Starfleet won’t come free. Registering for a Star Trek email address costs $15 per year. Not a huge amount, but I don’t know that the bragging rights of trying to convince people you work on the Enterprise is worth the cost. Then again, I’m not anywhere near the top tier of most devoted Star Trek fans — I don’t even own a Starfleet uniform — so what do I know?

But if they’re seriously trying to cater to die-hard fans here, why not let fans choose which model of the Enterprise will be processing their emails? I know there have got to be some hardcore Enterprise B fanatics out there. Anybody?

So what do you think? Would you drop fifteen bucks a year for the privelege of boldly going into your inbox? Which one suits your fancy? Click the images below for more info.

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