Star Trek Enters The World Of Mad Men

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

The hit AMC show Mad Men entered the year 1966 this season and that means the timeline of the series now exists past the point of Star Trek’s 1966 premiere. Maybe that doesn’t mean the crew of the Enterprise had to come up eventually, I suppose they could have simply ignored it, but they haven’t.

This past Sunday in an episode titled “The Christmas Waltz” a Harry Krishna character named Paul Kinsey sat down to pitch a Star Trek spec script he wrote called “The Negron Complex”. He doesn’t actually go into detail on what his episode about, other than to hint it’s all an allegory for Krishna, but Kinsey does seem pretty adamant that not only will Star Trek survive on network television but that his ep should be the crew’s second season debut.

Watch as the worlds of Mad Men and Star Trek collide…

The fact that Kinsey thinks the show is a hit, is perhaps, indicative of a time in which people weren’t really all that up to speed on the inner workings of Hollywood. While the debut episode of Star Trek was indeed a huge hit, winning its timeslot up against reruns with a big 40.6 share, the original series gradually slipped in the ratings until it was 51st. Trek continued to slip as its run continued in subsequent seasons, eventually leading to its cancellation.