Star Trek Into Darkness Video Lets You Hang Out With Scotty

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

When it comes to Star Trek, everyone is always in love with Captain Kirk. There’s good reason for that, he’s handsome, dashing, suave, and the captain of a damn spaceship, both the William Shatner and Chris Pine versions. Not to mention he gets all the ladies, green-skinned or otherwise. For my money, however, Scotty is the one to hang out with.

Sure, if you’re a dude you won’t be able to pick up on his castoffs, and for ladies, hooking up with Scotty doesn’t hold quite the allure of Kirk. But the guy certainly knows how to have fun, as illustrated by this new behind-the-scenes video from Star Trek Into Darkness that digs into Scotty’s character a little bit.

Cards on the table, we’re talking about Simon Pegg’s interpretation of Montgomery Scott, the engineer of the Enterprise. The Shaun of the Dead star calls the character, originally played by James Doohan, “a drinker, and a bit of a brawler.”

If nothing else, he’s the comic center of the J.J. Abrams’ franchise reboot. You can tell how much fun Pegg is having as he dances around on the set, and his reaction to that giant fish swimming past the window makes me laugh every time I see it. Even in serious moments, he has a way of being so frank that he infuses the scene with levity.

Talking about Into Darkness, Pegg says, “This film is going to be nuts. It’s relentlessly action-packed,” and goes on to add that, as a Star Trek fan, the movie is everything he wants it to be. Granted he’s in the film and has a vested interest in it performing well at the box office, but he’s also a huge nerd and shares many of our hang-ups when it comes to films that we love. Either way, it’s nice to hear.

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