Star Trek Into Darkness Theatrical Trailer Will Premiere On December 14th

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

J.J. Abrams has a pension for the dramatic. Yesterday, Paramount announced that the first nine minutes of Star Trek Into Darkness will be exclusively previewed before IMAX 3D screenings of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, during the film’s first weekend run on December 14th. Although non-IMAX audiences will not get a chance to watch the Star Trek sequel’s first nine minutes, they will be treated to the film’s theatrical trailer before non-IMAX screenings of The Hobbit.

According to, the theatrical trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness will premiere before The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey on December 14. This trailer won’t be a condensed version of the first nine minutes but rather a traditional trailer showing some of the film’s dazzling elements. After the first week’s run, the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer will then screen before Paramount’s Jack Reacher, starring Tom Cruise, beginning on December 21st.

Abrams is overseeing the promotional model for Star Trek Into Darkness and, in true Abrams fashion, he’s building the mystery of the movie itself. We still don’t even know who the villain is for the sequel film. points out Christopher Nolan’s approach to The Dark Knight in 2008, which was likely an inspiration for the Star Trek Into Darkness’ promotional and marketing approach. Eight months before The Dark Knight was due in theaters, Warner Bros. previewed the opening sequence of the film before IMAX screenings of I Am Legend in December 2007. Nolan did the same thing with The Dark Knight Rises, this time with a preview of the film’s opening sequence before IMAX screenings of Mission: Impossible i Ghost Protocol in 2011. It worked for Christopher Nolan, so why shouldn’t it work for J.J. Abrams?

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