Star Trek Into Darkness Retail Exclusives Include Phasers And Starship Models

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

By this point, it’s pretty certain that you’ve already decided whether or not you plan to buy Star Trek Into Darkness when it comes out on home video next month. If you liked it, there’s a good chance you’ll want to add it to your collection. If you hated it, you might well be planning to shoplift a copy so you can burn it in a bonfire of mannequins made to look like J.J. Abrams. Hey, we’re not here to judge. But if you do plan on picking up Star Trek Into Darkness for non-inferno purposes, you’ve got some options when it comes to where you make your purchase. For instance, how badly do you need a replica phaser in your life?


You’ll be able to get different versions of Star Trek Into Darkness by purchasing the flick via Target, Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart. Each option has its own exclusive goodies, ranging from extra content to the aforementioned (non-functional) zap-gun. Target collector’s editions come in both standard Blu-ray and 3D Blu-ray versions. In addition to the colorful box art seen above, the set will include some 70 minutes of bonus features, with 30 minutes of that exclusive to the Target editions. The 3D Blu-ray version is listed at $34.99 on their site, with the regular Blu-ray combo pack going for $29.99.


Best Buy’s version is pretty understated compared to the popping visuals of the Target editions. And by “understated,” I mean “dull.” Still, we aren’t in this for the cover art, so let’s see what sort of substantive goodies Best Buy has to offer. The Best Buy Blu-ray set also boasts a half-hour of exclusive bonus content, and they actually provide some details as to what that content involves: “…delve into the creation of the film’s unique alien creatures, get a first-hand look at one of the locations used for the U.S.S. Enterprise’s Engine Room and more.” So presumably there isn’t any overlap between this and the Target-exclusive content. Wouldn’t it be nice to just buy the movie and actually get all of the content in one package? A man can dream. Best Buy has their Into Darkness Blu-rays marked for pre-order at $19.99.


If you’d rather get something snazzy to put on your desk, you’ve got options there as well. Walmart is offering the above “Limited Edition Gift Set with Steelbook & Villain Ship.” So you’ll get the movie in one of those durable metal tins that you can maybe melt down after the apocalypse to make ammunition or something, and you’ll also get a model of the Vengeance, the imposing vessel that turns up in the film’s second half and soon makes a mess of things. Walmart has it listed for pre-order at $39.96.


Last but not least, ordering from Amazon could net you the “Starfleet Phaser Limited Edition Gift Set,” which includes, well, a phaser. Specifically a “1:1 scale authentic Starfleet phaser replica, gloss black display stand, brass plaque.” And the movie itself, naturally, in a combo pack up to and including the 3D Blu-ray version. This one’s considerably pricier, listed for pre-order at $79.99 (20% off the $99.99 full price.) Clearly phasers are cooler than starship models, or at least Amazon thinks so. Hell, even if you can’t stand the movie, this might be worth the money. A similar set for Abrams’ 2009 Trek movie is currently going for nine-hundred clams on Amazon at the moment. Live long and prosper indeed…

Star Trek Into Darkness hits shelves — in an assortment of forms — on September 10. We’re still looking into rumors of an exclusive “Simon Pegg Edition,” which kicks you in the balls if you didn’t like the movie.

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