Star Trek Into Darkness Drops Out Of Warp Two Days Early

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago


For once, a Super Bowl commercial actually gives us something that affects our lives, rather than just making us giggle at a Doritos-eating goat or grumble while a hot girl makes out with a stereotypical nerdy dude. I wonder if he’s one of our readers.

While the awesome Star Trek Into Darkness trailer was playing during one of the game’s commercial breaks, the film’s smartphone and web app gave fans the rarest of all good news: Star Trek Into Darkness will be released two days earlier than planned! It was originally pushed back almost an entire year, from June 2012 to May 17, 2013, but will now see a nation-wide release on Wednesday, May 15, 2013. All things considered, a two-day advantage isn’t a reason to go out and buy J.J. Abrams a Dresci cocktail or anything, but good news is good news, especially when it can be viewed in the illustriousness that is IMAX 3D.

If you’d like tickets for the 8pm EST showing, you’ll have to access them through Fandango via the app itself. I usually frown on this kind of “exclusive” access, but the app itself is definitely worth the free download. There are already a few contests posted, as well as a scavenger hunt, and a lot more special content is rumored for release in the coming months.

Just in case you’re thinking about watching Into Darkness at the local, run-down, four-screen cinema, let’s see if this press release from IMAX Chairman and President Greg Foster can sway you.

As we saw with the reaction to the first nine minutes of the film, which debuted in our theatres in December, fans are clearly excited by the opportunity to see this epic film come to life in IMAX. We’re thrilled to work with our long-standing partners at Bad Robot and Paramount Pictures to offer audiences an opportunity to see J.J. Abrams’ masterful interpretation two days early in the world’s most immersive format – IMAX 3D.

The IMAX release of Star Trek Into Darkness will feature approximately 30 minutes of footage filmed with the extremely high-resolution IMAX® cameras. These specific sequences, which will expand to fill more of the screen exclusively in IMAX, will deliver unprecedented crispness and clarity and a truly immersive experience for moviegoers.

Have you ordered your tickets already? Does IMAX actually make a movie better to you, readers? Let us know in the comments.

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