Star Trek Into Darkness Gets One Of The Best Lego Trailers Ever

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

So the international Star Trek Into Darkness trailer that was released this morning is probably going to be as epic as J.J. Abrams allows, seeing as how he [J.J. Abrams’ mind’s eye has deleted the rest of this paragraph in the name of all that is J.J. Abrams.]

Anyway, I guess we’ll just have to spend a couple of minutes on something just as epic, but for a completely different reason. You might remember Rome’s Antonio Toscano for his impressive Man of Steel trailer a couple of months back — because the importance of remembering Lego trailer creators is right up there with children’s birthdays and security passwords. But while Zack Snyder’s trailer was already sort of muted and wordy, this trailer for Into Brickness, as it’s called, is chock-full of impressive Lego wizardry and cinematography as it mimics the first Into Darkness trailer shot for shot. It’s so good, Entertainment Weekly tried to get an interview with plastic Benedict Cumberbatch. Check out the video below and make room on your calendar for more Lego explosions in your immediate future.

Even in Lego form, Simon Pegg is still vastly underused. I’d like for every trailer I see from now on to include plastic-block jet streams and giant water splashes. That way, I’ll know the filmmakers are in it for the art and not the money.

Just in case you forgot what that original trailer looked like with flesh, bone, and CGI, here you go. Is there anything I would not do…for my readers?