Star Trek Into Darkness Deleted Scenes Beam Onto The Internet

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

This next one is another that you can understand it being left on the cutting-room floor because it’s not crucial to the plot, and it actually detracts from one of Scotty’s better moments in the film. In the final movie, Scotty manages to sneak into the secret Section 31 base near Jupiter and discover Marcus’ top-secret Vengeance super-ship. We’re never told exactly how he pulled it off, so we’re left to assume it was very tricky but Scotty pulled it off because he’s a clever, crafty bastard. Here we learn that no, Section 31 security is just gullible enough to fall for a ruse at least as old as vaudeville. “Fly casual…”

Finally, here’s a brief scene deleted from the end of the film, where Kirk shares a bonding moment with the little girl who also got healed by Khan’s magic blood. I’m sure it would be better with an emotional score behind it, but as it is, it’s just really awkward bordering on creepy.

If Paramount’s lawyers have already yanked these off of YouTube by the time you’ve seen the story, you can read extensive write-ups about each of the deleted scenes by the TrekCore folks right here and here.

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