Star Trek Into Darkness Deleted Scenes Beam Onto The Internet

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

Even aside from all the drama involving the whole John Harrison/Khan thing, the powers that be behind Star Trek Into Darkness’ home video release managed to piss off even the fans who liked, and planned to buy, the Trek sequel when it hit home video. As we reported last year, the Into Darkness release was a perfect example of the frustrating trend of “retailer exclusives,” meaning that if you actually want to get all the bonus features for the film, you have to buy multiple copies of the film from various sources. Even the film’s commentary track, typically one of the more must-have options for fans, had to be purchased as a separate download from iTunes. There were also a ton of deleted scenes that were only available through the Xbox SmartGlass second-screen app if you bought a copy from the Xbox video store. Until now: for the time being, at least, you can check out all the Into Darkness deleted scenes below. Watch them quickly — we have a feeling they’re going to get yanked down sooner rather than later.

Up top is an extended version of the conversation where Pike (Bruce Greenwood) demotes Kirk after learning of the Nibiru incident. Greenwood’s Pike is one of my favorite parts of the new Trek timeline, so I’m all for getting as much of him as possible.

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