Star Trek Into Darkness Blooper Reel Shows The Wacky Side Of J.J. Abrams And Crew

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

The films of J.J. Abrams are not exactly widely known for their levity, good humor, and wackiness. This video, however, might give you a different perspective on the matter, or at least on the disappointing sequel Star Trek Into Darkness (a title that still annoys the crap out of me). Too bad they couldn’t have included some of these bloopers into the final cut in order to liven things up a bit.

This short video comes from IGN, and while it isn’t anything that you haven’t seen before, it may make you smile to hear Simon Pegg make a joke about Khan. Some secret that was, but at least they got some good laughs out of the Mystery Box, too bad no one else did, or ever will.

If you were paying attention, Into Darkness was pretty roundly panned by critics, but it evoked an even more violent, visceral response from long time Trek fans. Shortly after it was released, voted it as the worst film in the franchise at a convention, below even Galaxy Quest, which isn’t even technically a Star Trek movie.

One of the reasons often cited is that Into Darkness is too action heavy and more like a Star Wars movie—a galaxy far, far away as opposed to where no man has gone before, I guess. That’s ironic, though, since it didn’t take much time after this for Abrams to land the gig at the helm of the highly anticipated Star Wars: Episode VII (I feel like there’s a lens flare joke somewhere in here, but that also feels a little bit too easy).

With Abrams’ departure, the future of the rebooted Star Trek franchise has come into question somewhat. Paramount is definitely intent on delivering a third film—while Into Darkness wasn’t whole-heartedly embraced, it still turned a nice enough profit—though the timetable seems to have shifted. Originally things were moving along smoothly and it looked like they were prepping the film for a 2016 release, to coincide with the 50th anniversary of the venerable franchise. And while that’s still possible, it’s looking less and less likely as the days pass.

There were reports that widely derided Trek writer and producer Roberto Orci was going to make his feature film directorial debut with Star Trek 3, the studio but the brakes on that news back in July, saying that no official decision had been made. So there’s that, and with Zoe Saldana about to make three Avatar films in a row, not to mention what is sure to be a significant commitment to Marvel in the wake of Guardians of the Galaxy, they might be looking for a new Uhura as well, or at least they may need a way to write her out of the script or shrink her role.

But until we have real news about Star Trek 3, you can watch this blooper real a time or two. Depending on your stance, it may be better than watching Into Darkness again.