Star Trek Into Darkness Beams Down On Blu-ray And DVD In September

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

trek At some point after its release, which we were pretty happy about, J.J. Abrams’ Star Trek Into Darkness slowly got overtaken by Pacific Rim for the top spot of “films GFR covers ad nauseum.” Even though the summer blockbuster season has been laying out big film after big film every weekend, Into Darkness is still fighting for its weekly millions, two months after its release. (It has earned over $223 million domestically, with worldwide grosses topping $444 million.) Now we know when you’ll be able to watch the film in your very own home, as Paramount has announced the DVD and Blu-ray (both the standard and 3D versions) will hit stores on September 13, 2013.

If you’re not into that whole “waiting around for physical media” thing, you’ll be pleased to know the film will be available a full three weeks earlier as a digital download. Of course, if you go the download route, you’ll be missing out on all the great features that physical media supplies.

In a statement, Abrams said:

I’m excited for viewers at home to check out Star Trek Into Darkness on Blu-ray and DVD. I’m thrilled with how everything looks and sounds. We also have some really fun behind-the-scenes special features that we shot on the Red [Epic cameras] and created entirely in-house at Bad Robot. They really look amazing and unlike anything I’ve seen on DVD or Blu-ray before.

Ordering a digital copy also means you can’t get the super-sweet pre-order from Amazon, which comes with the Quantum Mechanix phaser prop, plus a credit for a free comic.


So what are the bonus features? “Creating the Red Planet” will focus on the creation of the world featured in the huge opening sequence. “The Klingon Home World” spends time on Kronos/Qo’noS with the newbie Klingons. Anybody who wants a closer detailed look at the “Attack on Starfleet” now has an extra for it. “Ship to Ship” covers the space jump scene. Zachary Quinto and Benedict Cumberbatch go over their fight scene in “Brawl by the Bay.” Finally, “The Enemy of My Enemy” examines Abrams & Co.’s decision to go with the villain they chose, and why they felt it important to keep everything cloaked in secrecy. As if saying, “Because I’m J.J. Abrams” wouldn’t suffice.

I’ll be highly pissed off if there’s no feature commentary, even if it’s just Simon Pegg and John Cho. Actually, I might like that better than any other option.

The Blu-ray 3D bundle comes with all editions of the film and will cost $49.99 MSRP. The Blu-ray/DVD combo pack will set you back $39.99, and the lone DVD is $29.99. Of course, all of those will be adjusted once the stores throw their savings into it.

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