Is Star Trek Coming Back To TV As An Animated Series?

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

With a year until the release date of the untitled Star Trek sequel, screenwriter Roberto Orci talks about the possibilities of creating a Star Trek animated series. The last time there was a Star Trek animated series was in 1973 and it ran for two seasons before it was canceled in 1974. Are mainstream audiences ready to see a new animated version of Star Trek?

In an interview, Roberto Orci teases the prospects for the animated series depending on the success of the Star Trek sequel. It would possibly take place between the second and third film in the series. Orci states,

So after [the 2013 Star Trek sequel] comes out or as it’s ramping up and after the powers that be determine whether or not Star Trek is back or not – one movie doesn’t make a trend. Two movies starts to indicate that there is a trend and its viable. It will become more real as the year goes on.

It’s really a question of Star Trek over-saturation. It has been three years since J.J. Abrams took the nation by storm with his Star Trek reboot and it is pretty clear that fans of the series are hungry for more. This hunger will become more rampant next year until the sequel is actually released. If there were new Star Trek properties, would people eventually feel the series is getting stale, Orci admits…

I don’t think there is a hard and fast rule where if there is a movie you can’t do it. It means let’s be aware of whether or not we are cannibalizing Trek. Let’s be aware of not saturating the audience and having them not be tired of it but hungry for it.

An animated series would be a logical conclusion to the success of the new Star Trek franchise but ultimately Star Trek fans would rather have a new (non-animated) TV series. The universe started on TV and should remain on TV. The bad taste of Star Trek: Enterprise is still lingering in most Trekkies’ mouths.

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