Star Trek Gets A Blooper Trailer And A Power Rangers Makeover

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

Exploring the final frontier is stressful, man. If you’re not battling bald, pissed-off Romulans then you’re fighting a whitewashed version of your greatest foe or battling lizard people in a horrible video game. It’s no wonder James Kirk beds everything in sight; that guy needs to unwind. After all, too much stress might — to borrow a phrase from Babylon 5 — make you go “space happy.” Well, I’m no medical doctor, and Bones isn’t returning any of my calls, but if I had to guess what “space happy” looks like, I think the video above might be a pretty accurate representation.

The so-called “Star Trek trailer: Derp edition” mixes footage from J.J. Abrams’ 2009 Trek reboot with stuff taken from that film’s blooper reel to create an Enterprise crew that is more interested in impromptu dance-offs than that whole boldly going thing. There is pouty Spock. There is numb tongue. There is Eric Bana threatening the life of J.J. Abrams. (His detractors will love that, I’m sure.) We even get Kirk’s command chair falling the hell over. It’s bad enough the bridge crew doesn’t get seatbelts. They could at least make sure the chairs are bolted to the deck.

The “Derp edition” was put together by the folks at OneMinuteGalactica. They’ve previously given the same treatment to The Avengers, Star Wars, and Die Hard. Here’s the full Trek blooper reel, and the actual trailer they’re riffing on.

Here’s another bit of fan video that the Abrams haters will probably love, since it mixes the new movies with a show that’s an easy target for punchlines: the Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers. More specifically, YouTuber The Unusual Suspect blended Trek footage with the theme song from 1998’s Power Rangers in Space incarnation. A show which, I confess, I have never once seen. I do, however, have to detract points for misspelling Khan’s name. Seriously, after last year’s constant Star Trek Into Darkness rumors and debates, how is it even possible to misspell Khan’s name at this point?

And just for the record, here’s the Power Rangers in Space opening.

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