Next Star Trek Getting A Bigger Budget Than The Last One

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Star Trek: The Next screenwriter Roberto Orci has been out talking a little bit, and I mean a very little bit, about the impending movie sequel. Mostly what he has to say about it can be boiled down to it’ll be bigger.

When asked if they’re getting more money for this movie he said “more” and when asked if the scope and scale of this movie will be bigger all he had to say was “yup”. Oh and that sort of lame looking engine room we got in the last movie? This time we’ll see more of it.

He’s not exactly telling all here, but I’m hoping that at least some of what he’s saying on Trek Movie are just pat responses thrown out at the press because you have to tell people your sequel will be bigger, whether or not it is. Because let’s face it, in the last movie they destroyed an entire planet while saving Earth. It really can’t get much bigger in scope and scale than that, and even if it can, it probably shouldn’t.

The best Star Trek adventures always took place on a more intimate level. Star Trek: The Motion Picture was one of those massively scaled movies, and they followed it up with the more intimate story of two Starship commanders in a remote area of space locked in a battle to the death. The result was one of the best movies ever made, Wrath of Khan. Star Trek always works better when it finds ways to focus on the quiet introspective moments amidst the danger and grandeur of space. Bigger budget is great, I just hope they’re using it wisely.