The Next Star Trek Arrives In 3D On May 17, 2013

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

Last week we heard that Star Trek: The Next would at last start filming in January of next year. Now the movie has a release date too.

Paramount has staked a claim to May 17, 2013 as the release date for JJ Abrams’ next Star Trek installment. That is of course, prime summer movie real-estate and after the box office performance of the last film you’d expect nothing less. Obviously expectations are high, even if it’s taken Abrams’ way too long to finally get around to making another movie.

This will also be the first Star Trek movie shot in 3D. I guess that’s unavoidable in today’s environment of 3D overload, even though the numbers don’t support it, Hollywood has gotten it in its head that blockbuster movies can’t succeed unless they’re able to tack a 3D surcharge on to their tickets. In the case of Star Trek, 3D may actually look good. Imagine the Enterprise sailing right out of the screen, over your head.

The entire Enterprise crew from the first film will be back. They’ll need a new villain, of course, and it’s starting to seem increasingly likely that as rumored a few weeks ago it will be Benicio del Toro. Abrams has confirmed that he’s discussing giving the actor a role in the film.

Here’s JJ talking about his interest in hiring Benicio.

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