Next Star Trek Adds Alice Eve, But Not As Rand Even Though She’d Be Perfect

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

The next Star Trek movie is getting going in earnest and though the cast from the 2009 movie will return, they’re adding new faces to fill out roles around them. We’ve already heard that Benicio del Toro is playing some unspecified villain, and now Alice Eve has joined the cast.

Alice Eve has been on the verge of becoming the next big thing in Hollywood for a couple of years now. Whenever there’s a big, female superhero role to be cast, she always end up in the running but never quite makes the final cut. So if you know Alice at all, you know her from underseen movies like She’s Out Of My League or for smaller roles in movies like Sex and the City 2. Don’t hold that awful Sex and the City sequel against her, she’s actually really good.

And because she’s blonde and beautiful and hired to be in the new Star Trek you might think they’re bringing her in to play Janice Rand, the frequently appearing character from the original series whose chief characteristic was that she was beautiful, blonde, and good at getting Captain Kirk to sign her clipboard (insert knowing wink here). But she’s not playing Rand, she’s playing someone entirely new to the Trek universe.

In fact we don’t know who Eve is playing yet. The folks at Paramount aren’t talking. Variety, however, says she’ll play a character who’s entirely new to the Trek universe. Both Alice Eve and Benicio del Toro are expected to sign deals soon.

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