Next Star Trek To Be Post-Converted To 3D, According To J.J. Abrams

By Steve West | 9 years ago

Say it ain’t so, J.J. Please just film the Star Trek sequel in regular old 2D, and let it lie. Word is that Trek 2 is going to be released in 3D, but using post conversion technology. That is, after the film is shot they’ll go in and use the magic of computers to force what was envisioned and created as a 2D film into the still fadtastic 3D format. Abrams says they’ll have plenty of time to do it right, but no matter how much time you have it’s never done right.

I’m not a 3D hater, and would love for a 3D/IMAX version of Trek 2 to exist. But speaking with MTV Abrams spilled about very little regarding the sequel, except this post 3D conversion plan. He is the chastity belt of behind the scenes movie information, you want what he’s protecting but you need a key just the right size. He wouldn’t confirm or deny the presence of Khan, or any other plot tidbits, although he did say the sets were almost done. So that’s uh….something.

I’m a bonafide Abrams fan. I rode along with him and that crazed Rimbaldi storyline, followed him down the rabbit hole on Lost, even put up with the douche bag hotties that littered the screen in Cloverfield; but I’m not sure I see the reason for Trek to be in 3D, unless it’s filmed that way intentionally. That’s the main issue with 3D technology; it’s more often used as an addition to sell the film rather than being part of the story.

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