Spock Spacesuited On The Set Of Star Trek: The Next

By Josh Tyler | Published

The last time Spock spent an appreciable amount of time in a spacesuit during the course of a Trek film it was in Star Trek: The Motion Picture. He ended up being sucked into V’Ger and then spat back out again, unconscious after his attempt to mild-meld with what turned out to be a really smart piece of floating space junk. Hopefully things will go better for him this time, because he’s back in a spacesuit again on the set of the next Star Trek

That image comes from MTV where they’re still calling the next Star Trek “Star Trek 2”, even though we’ve already had a Star Trek 2, and oh by the way it was Wrath of Khan one of the best movies ever made. MTV may not know their Star Trek but they’re pretty good at finding photographers to sneak behind JJ Abrams’ walled off set.

They’re shooting Spock falling. Word is that a volcano may somehow be involved, so I guess this is more of a “volcano suit” than a spacesuit. How that’ll fit into the plot remains to be seen. It’s worth noting though that the Zachary Quinto Spock’s suit isn’t all that dissimilar from the Thruster Suit Classic Spock wore in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, back when he hooked up with V’Ger. Here’s Leonard Nimoy suited up for TMP

On the other hand it’s definitely not the same spacesuits worn by Chris Pine and John Cho during their drill dive in the 2009 Star Trek

Those were really more specialized armor than anything, so that makes sense.