Spock Has A Lava-gasm In Latest Star Trek Into Darkness Poster

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

Star_Trek_Into_Darkness_36950One of the biggest upcoming sci-fi events of the year, Star Trek Into Darkness has run the gamut on promotional materials, and is currently in “action-packed poster” mode. Considering most of the film’s secrets are still locked up, these posters are only feeding on things that we already sort of know.

And what sums up “things we sort of know that are action packed” more than the new poster shown above, featuring Spock standing in the middle of what appears to be some kind of volcanic explosion? (Though it could  just be the Federation’s fireworks factory or something.) I mean, it was pretty cool seeing Zoe Saldana’s Uhura doing whatever she’s doing in that poster, but this one looks hot to the touch. One has to wonder what is so magnificent about being within this disastrous moment that could possibly hypnotize Spock to such a degree that he can just stand so easily among the burning debris. Maybe he has some groovy tunes playing on his headseat. I’d give anything for that suit though. Except, like, a lot of money or something.

It’s kind of cool how these last few posters that focus on the good guys bring to mind motion and things going wrong, whereas those of John Harrison are just him standing amidst the destruction he’s caused. The greatest villains don’t have to move all that much in order to threaten the heroes.

jason X
Jason applied for Starfleet, too, but got blood on the form.

You’ll be able to check out Star Trek Into Darkness in theaters IMAX and small on May 17th.