Spock Feels The Horta’s Pain In An Upcoming Set From Diamond Select Toys

By David Wharton | 8 years ago

There have been a lot of Star Trek toys over the years. Like the Star Wars competition, we’ve seen countless iterations of Kirk, Spock, Picard, Data — you name a Trek character and somebody’s probably made a tiny plastic version of them. But of all the Trek toys on offer over the years, I can’t think of many that are as awesome as this “Spock and the Horta” diorama that’s coming next year from Diamond Select Toys.

The set recreates one of The Original Series’ more memorable moments, Spock’s mind-meld with the silicon-based Horta creature in the episode “The Devil in the Dark.” It was a fascinating moment because it saw Spock having to try and communicate with an alien that was far more alien than many of the series’ more humanoid species. It also gave us one of McCoy’s best “I’m a doctor” lines: “I’m a doctor, not a bricklayer.” (And Kirk’s retort, “You’re a healer. It’s a patient.”)

The new toy set from Diamond includes both the Horta and a Spock figure with interchangeable hands, legs, and head, so you can recreate mimic Spock’s painful mind-meld down to every last detail. Or you can just use Spock’s angry head and grabby hands to create other, more embarrassing situations with your other Trek figures.

The Spock/Horta set will be available in 2013. If your memory of “The Devil in the Dark” is a little rusty,” this should ring a bell or two:

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