Space Command Comic-Con Trailer Teases A Cast Full Of Familiar Sci-Fi Faces

By David Wharton | 6 years ago

In the summer of 2012, sci-fi writer Marc Scott Zicree teamed up with writer Michael Reeves (The Last Jedi) and British director Neil Johnson teamed up to Kickstart a new project called Space Command. It was envisioned as a series of feature films in the style and spirit of classic ’50s science fiction, and will “follow the development of the United Planets and Space Command as mankind steps off planet Earth to terraform and colonize the rest of the solar system and explore the galaxy.” The Space Command storyline will span over 200 years of “epic struggles and victories of mankind’s future history in space.” A first teaser trailer debuted at Comic-Con last month, but for those of us who didn’t make it to San Diego, now you can check the Space Command trailer out for yourself above.

Before anybody starts ragging on it looking cheap, Zicree has made clear on Space Command’s Facebook page that they are all temp effects at this point. And while they might not have Star Wars money to work with, Space Command met its initial Kickstarter goal of $75,000 in a mere three days, then went on to rack up a total of over $200,000. While plot details are few and far between at this point, one thing that’s on full display in the trailer is the cast made up of veterans of damn near every major science fiction series of the last few decades. Space Command’s cast has recruits from Babylon 5 (Mira Furlan & Bill Mumy), The X-Files (Lone Gunman Dean Haglund), and Star Trek (Ethan Phillips, Robert Picardo, and Armin Shimmerman), as well as lanky creature actor Doug Jones (Hellboy, Falling Skies).

If you’re not familiar with Zicree, he’s a genre veteran who’s perhaps best known for writing The Twilight Zone Companion, and he’s also penned episodes for Babylon 5 (“Survivors”), Sliders, and Star Trek — he came up with the story for Deep Space Nine’s “Far Beyond the Stars,” one of that series’ very best episodes.

It’s hard to get a good sense of Space Command at this early stage, but Zicree has got plenty of experience in making good science fiction, and he’s assembled a good lineup of talent. Star Trek: Prelude to Axanar recently raised the bar for quality when it comes to this sort of production, so here’s hoping Space Command proves a worthy contender whenever it’s actually finished. You can keep up with the project on the official website, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Here’s another early trailer that actually doesn’t repeat much of the content from the new one, which is nice.

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