Sony Committed To Prolonging The Men In Black Franchise

By Brent McKnight | 9 years ago

It took eight years to get from Men In Black 2 to Men In Black 3, but the layoff certainly didn’t keep many fans away from theaters. If anything the delay supports the “absence makes the heart grow fonder” school of thought. The third film has grossed approximately $620 million across the globe, a box office number that eclipses either of the previous chapters. Odds are Men in Black 3 won’t be the end.

Men In Black will return for future installments, presumably with franchise star Will Smith

With such a massive financial showing, Sony tells THR that it is “committed to prolonging the franchise.”

Men in Black 3 came with a price tag of $230 million, as well as sizeable incentives and profit-sharing enticements for star Will Smith and producer Steven Spielberg. That’s led some to question the viability of future installments. With everything the studio has invested in the series, anything other than a worldwide blockbuster would come across as a disappointment. They can’t afford anything less.

Then again, they don’t appear to be in too big a hurry to pump out number four. Between follow-ups to 21 Jump Street and The Amazing Spider-Man, Sony already has a couple sequels of high-profile, high-grossing films in the works.

While Men In Black 3 isn’t the greatest movie ever, it’s an affable, entertaining movie. Maybe the take had something to do with Smith’s four-year absence from the big screen? People love the Fresh Prince. Either way, the studio and fans have shown that they’re willing to wait until the right time to jump back into the fray, and we can expect more adventures of MIB Agent J in the future.

Hopefully these escapades also include Agent K (played by Tommy Lee Jones and Josh Brolin). While Smith is the obvious face of the franchise, J’s non-stop banter won’t work nearly as well without K’s straight man to bounce off of.

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