A Sneak Peek Of The Walking Dead’s Mid-Season Finale

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

With the airing of episode seven of The Walking Dead last night, this season’s two separate storylines are starting to come together in the heavily gated community of Woodbury. Rick’s group of survivalists will go head to head with the Governor’s Woodbury group. But before next week’s mid-season finale airs, check out this sneak peek of episode eight of The Walking Dead, “Made to Suffer.”

The Governor is a smooth operator, comforting Andrea as she starts to come around to the idea of permanently living in Woodbury. The Governor is trying to keep Andrea at bay so she doesn’t find out that Rick and his group are on their way to rescue the captured Glen and Maggie. Sometimes The Walking Dead sounds like a soap opera with zombies. Although there is some criticism that the TV Governor is very different from his comic book counterpart, the TV version is more seductive and cunning than hard-lined and abrupt.

Next week is The Walking Dead’s mid-season finale, and the post-apocalyptic series won’t make its return to AMC until February 2013. The episode should be a good one full of action at Woodbury. There’s either going to be a daring rescue or a hideous bloodbath between the two groups.

Expect to see the introduction of Tyreese, a major character from the comic book, to make his TV debut on the series. Tyreese will be played by Chad Coleman and will be a fine addition to the cast. Tyreese was Rick’s right-hand man in the comic book. The character of Daryl has been the Tyreese surrogate on the series so far, so it will be interesting to see this new dynamic on The Walking Dead. Also expect to see Tyreese on the Governor’s side instead of Rick’s.

The Walking Dead’s mid-season finale will air on December 2nd on AMC. Below is the teaser for next week’s episode “Made to Suffer.”

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