Sneak Peek At The First Prometheus Trailer

By Josh Tyler | 9 years ago

The first ever, sure to be mindblowing, trailer for director Ridley Scott’s new Alien prequel Prometheus is set to arrive later this week on Thursday. But you can see part of it right now.

A lot of the footage we’ll get in the full trailer is contained in this sneak peek at the film, in which Ridley Scott talks about what to expect from Prometheus. Even this, looks absolutely stunning. Watch…

There’s been a lot of debate over just how connected to alien Alien this movie will be and this video doesn’t do much to answer those questions. For his part, Ridley Scott continues to play coy. For instance in a recent interview with Filmophilia he revealed that the Xenomorph from Alien won’t actually appear in Prometheus. But there is a definite connection between the films. Here’s his explanation:

There’s a quote I did, a pretty good quote: By the end of the third act you start to realize there’s a DNA of the very first Alien, but none of the subsequent aliens. To tell you what that is is a pity, and I’m not going to tell you, because it’s actually pretty good, pretty organic to the process and to the original. But we go back, we don’t go forward.

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