Multiple Snakes Found Under Couple’s Bed, See The Chilling Photos

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago

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Hiking in the woods and you see a bunch of snakes? No problem, just move to the other side of the path. Some snakes hanging out on a big piece of abandoned property? That’s fine, just don’t visit. But a bevy of snakes underneath your bed in the sanctity of your own home? No thanks. That might be time to put the sign on the lawn and sell the house. I’m not sleeping there again. Leave it for the next occupant to deal with. But that’s exactly what happened to a Georgia woman who got an unwelcome surprise underneath the bedposts when she went to investigate some suspicious movement down there. 

The group of snakes was found under the bed of Trish Wilcher, an Augusta, Georgia resident. She posted the pictures on Facebook originally, saying that she had found 17 baby snakes under her bed when she thought she saw a piece of fuzz move on the floor. When she scoped under the bed there were snakes piling up on the rug. She and her husband began using a grabbing tool to pick up the snakes one by one to remove them. In the end, they needed to call in a professional to get them all out. 

In her post, Wincher said the snakes likely came into the house after being displaced from a site down the street where they’d been clearing out years worth of growth. The snakes were later identified as garter snakes which aren’t harmful in any way, at least on a physical level. Emotionally and mentally? I suspect it’s hard for this family to sleep soundly anytime soon with the thought of stuff slithering all over the house. If they could be under the bed then it feels like they could be anywhere. 

Ultimately a local animal trapper (Trapper Dan is what she refers to him as in another post) came to remove the snakes from the house. They found no additional ones except for the ones under the bed. So thank goodness for small favors there. Wincher says in that post that she is struggling to move about her house at all and that she might need a “cardiologist” after the incident. Feels like an understatement. 

Snakes are popping up more and more lately, often in the most unlikely and unwelcome of places. Some of them are simply along paths in forest settings. Totally fine. But there are other incidents that raise a few more alarm bells. Families have found hordes of them crawling through ceilings or even walls, tough to remove when they build up a veritable army. 

There have been innocent sightings of snakes in the gorilla cages at Disney, part of an adorable video that had the group learning what was moving around their enclosure. But they are also making appearances on grocery store shelves, in kid’s room toy piles, and even in a covered toilet bowl. These are of the more disconcerting variety for sure. I would say Trish Wilcher’s encounter fell in the latter group.