Smallville Creators In Talks To Rewrite Vin Diesel Robot Flick, The Machine

By David Wharton | Published

If you’re looking for someone to rewrite your script about a man made of metal, how could you do better than to hire a pair of guys who spent years overseeing the adventures of the Man of Steel? The producers of an upcoming Vin Diesel flick The Machine seem to agree, because negotiations are underway to bring Smallville creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar in to rewrite the flick.

We first told you about The Machine back in May, when frequent Adam Sandler collaborator Peter Segal was in talks to direct, with Vin Diesel set to play the titular machine. The story, originally written by the Night at the Museum pairing of Thomas Lennon and Robert Ben Garant, sounds a lot like The Iron Giant, in which Vin Diesel voiced the title character. The Machine is about a top-secret, humanoid war machine built by the Pentagon to be an ultimate weapon. For whatever reason, the machine was later decommissioned and buried, only to be found and reactivated by a kid 20 years later. Deadline’s story adds a few more story details: “When the government learns that [the machine is] back in operation, the machine’s mission becomes to protect the family harboring him.”

I’d like to point out that if your multi-million-dollar killer robot is left somewhere that a child can find it, you probably didn’t do a terribly good job disposing of it.

Since Lennon and Garant tend to specialize in family-friendly comedies, it wasn’t entirely clear what sort of movie The Machine would be. From the plot description we’re probably not looking at something in the vein of The Terminator here. Based on Miles and Gough’s resume, which includes movies such as Spider-Man 2, Shanghai Noon, and I Am Number Four, it’s likely the pair are being brought in to polish up the genre elements and action. Or they could be doing a ground-up rewrite. Either way, this project could go either way. It could be in the vein of the aforementioned Iron Giant — enjoyable for all ages, full of heart, but with plenty of action too – or it could just as easily become forgettable kiddie fare. Fingers crossed for the former. Diesel doesn’t need another Pacifier on his IMDb page.