Skynet Billboard Suggests Judgment Day Will Begin In Tucson

By David Wharton | 9 years ago

In this age of 24-hour news networks, it’s hard for the little guy to get by. Viewers will still turn to their local news stations for stories that aren’t big enough to get national coverage, but how is any one station supposed to stand out from the pack? Should they rely on sweeps-week stunts? Attack-dog reporters sent to harass dishonest city councilmen? Perhaps run stories that tie into whatever pop-culture phenomenon precedes the nightly news, like my local channels used to do with The X-Files?

Or you could just let Skynet take over the station and let the unspoken threat of global nuclear annihilation drive your ratings through the roof. That seems to be the course settled upon by Tucson’s Channel 4, as announced by this billboard that assures residents that they can all sleep a little sounder now that Skynet is watching.

The image originally popped up on Reddit a few weeks back, and while I can’t find any reports of armed cyborgs herding the residents of Tucson into internment camps, should we really expect to since Skynet is now controlling the news? This is either a case of a sly station employee sneaking one past the bosses, a staggering case of pop-culture illiteracy, or the beginning of the end for us all. Keep an eye on the billboards in your town, people…pretty soon Skynet could be watching you, too…

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