Skinwalker Ranch Red-Band Trailer Reveals Even More Creepy Creatures

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

It’s a blood-red band this trailer earned, as there are two shots of gore, but otherwise it’s not too dangerous to watch in mixed company. Unless they’re from Skinwalker Ranch of course. Then you’d better get the hell out of there.

Devin McGinn’s Skinwalker Ranch is one of those films that I sit here actively hoping will be a sleeper surprise that blows audiences away. I don’t much believe in a higher power, but I’m putting out a mental beam to whatever creatures are lurking around in this movie. “Our father-beast, who art in Utah…” That kind of stuff. By watching the trailer above, it’s immediately obvious we’re not experiencing the best horror film since The Exorcist or the best sci-fi thriller since Scanners. But this shit looks pretty tense, and that’s more than I can say for a lot of the sci-fi and horror that came out of Hollywood this year.

The simplistic plotline is left wide open for a plethora of spooky things to happen, as it takes place a year after the disappearance of Cody Miller, the son of ranch owner Hoyt, in the Skinwalker Ranch area, where mysterious phenomena have been reported for years. Then the ominously named Modern Defense Enterprises come in and set up cameras all over the ranch to give viewers the found-footage experience during their investigation.

And then all realism is thrown into the wind as we get to see spooky, wide-mouthed girls with telekinetic powers, people getting taken up into the sky, and hairy beasts walking around. I mean, we get HAZMAT-type suits and quarantine tents here. The two images below are telling enough.

skinwalker ranch alien

skinwalker ranch abduction

The bottom image is of a guy getting swooped up into the sky from his vehicle. It isn’t obvious, but it still looks interesting. High-quality camera work abounds in the trailer as well, except for the to-be-expected blips and distortions. Just because it’s found footage doesn’t mean it has to look like shit, and I appreciate that. I think I’ve said something similar to a woman at some point in my life. Ah, her blips…and those distortions.

Skinwalker Ranch stars Jon Gries (Taken), Kyle Davis (2009’s Friday the 13th), Steve Berg (Year of the Dog), Erin Cahill (Red Widow), and Matthew Rocheleau (How I Met Your Mother). You can find it in some theaters and all over VOD on October 30th. I know I put myself in a very special corner for talking shit about some movies while blindly going gung-ho for this indie flick brimming with conventional genre tropes. But I can’t be alone, can I? Can I?

Somebody get some crickets in here, because I’m lonely.

skinwalker ranch poster