Six-Inch Skeleton Probably Wasn’t 6-8 Years Old After All, Thank Goodness

By Nick Venable | 8 years ago

fetusThe Atacama Desert in Chile: land of the world’s most powerful telescope, and also the original home of one of the strangest and most rumor-friendly skeletons found in recent times. We first told you about the tiny, six-inch skeleton as one of the subjects of the documentary Sirius from Steven Greer. Then last week, the bones were analyzed a bunch of different ways and it was said the bones belonged to a human being — one that was six to eight years of age. Now that the resounding cries of “Bullshit!” have died down, it’s time to unwrap another layer of mystery off of this thing and get to some kind of truth.

Natural history curator Paolo Viscardi works at the Horiman Museum in London, and he says it’s impossible for the skeleton to be as old as Stanford School of Medicine professor Garry Nolan claims it to be. Viscardi says he has “dealt with skeletal fetus specimens rather similar to this in museum collections.”

So what’s his verdict? It’s probably a fetus aborted at 14-16 weeks and then dumped in the desert, where it mummified. This process caused the high bone density that probably led Nolan to his conclusions. He says, “The head has been distorted, probably as a result of an illegal back-street abortion where a hook has been used to extract the fetus…causing damage to the back of the skull and stretching the pliable head.” He is aware of the fact that scientist examinations may have led to the hole in the head, which makes sense, considering other photos show a whole skull.

So it’s a fetus, which was kind of the general consensus in the first place, since thinking it was an alien was about three shades darker than idiotic. Here’s hoping we never have to talk about this thing again.


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