Simon Peggs Has Read The Trek Sequel Script And Knows Nothing Of Khan

By Saralyn Smith | 9 years ago

More vague and unhelpful (if somewhat interesting) information about the villain and plot of the new Star Trek film continues to find its way to the surface. The highly anticipated sequel to the 2009 reboot is set to begin shooting in January but, as was revealed last week, the cast doesn’t appear to have received or read the whole script yet.   No one seems to know exactly what the film will be about or who the villain will be, although that hasn’t stopped the rumors from flying.  Simon Pegg and Brian Burk weren’t much help on the information front in their interviews with MTV News at a Mission Impossible – Ghost Protocol promo event recently, although they did weigh in a bit on those Khan rumors.

Pegg doesn’t seem to have received any more information than the rest of cast, commenting  (jokingingly?) that the most he does know involves Scotty and a bevvy of sexy green alien chicks.  He does say that the parts of the script he has read are “really good” and that none of them mentioned Khan, although he was careful to give himself an out if Khan does en up in the film:  “I haven’t heard the name Khan come up. Not to say it won’t come up, but I have heard no mention of him whatsoever. He is a great villain. I don’t want to say too much and have to eat my words, but we’ve seen Khan [in a ‘Trek’ movie before]. To see him again, how much value is there in that? I don’t know.”  Burk followed the Abrams party line and was a bit evasive when asked about Khan, commenting on how many great villains (past and future) the Trek verse holds.  He did say that they chose to “do something [they] thought was unique and original”, though, and including Khan wouldn’t exactly fit that bill.

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