Simon Pegg Doesn’t Know Whether J.J. Abrams Will Direct Star Trek 3 Either

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

As soon as J.J. Abrams was announced as the new director of the upcoming Star Wars: Episode VII, many Star Trek fans began to wonder what would become of the newly rebooted Trek universe. Could Abrams direct both franchise sequels at the same time?

In a press line during the BAFTA Awards in London, geek actor Simon Pegg talked briefly about the new Star Trek Into Darkness, Edgar Wright’s The World’s End, and whether or not J.J. Abrams would direct Star Trek 3. Pegg was interrupted and left the press line as soon as the reporter asked about Star Trek 3. Watch the video of the press line below.

Given the off-the-cuff nature of the comment, his “He will do Stat Trek 3” clearly wasn’t intended as any sort of official announcement. Nevertheless, the 42-year-old-British actor soon fired off a tweet clarifying his earlier statement. As you might expect, he doesn’t have any more clue about Abrams’ Trek plans than we do.


We’ve heard from almost everyone in the cast of Star Trek Into Darkness about their feelings towards J.J. Abrams diving into the Star Wars universe. For the most part, everyone seems happy for the director. Screenwriter Roberto Orci said Abrams was “achieving a childhood dream,” while co-star Zachary Quinto said he doesn’t “feel like he’s going” away, but rather “he’s growing” as a director. Chris Pine is very happy for Abrams, but is very uncertain about the future of Star Trek.

Since the announcement, we’ve learned that J.J. Abrams will, in fact, be involved with the next Star Trek sequel, but possibly only as a producer. Considering that Star Wars: Episode VII isn’t due in theaters until 2015, and Star Trek 3 would be in theaters in 2016 at the earliest, it doesn’t seem feasible for Abrams to direct both movies.

Star Trek Into Darkness will hit theaters everywhere on May 17th in IMAX 3D.

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