Sigourney Weaver Indicates Ghostbusters 3 Will Not Happen Without Bill Murray

By Steve West | 10 years ago

Busting ghosts must be a far more difficult job than anyone imagined, as we’re now learning the third Ghostbusters film may not move forward without Bill Murray. According to recent comments by Sigourney Weaver it looks as if Ghostbusters 3 is back on hold…or maybe we should just stop wishing and hoping.

Our cohorts over at Cinema Blend have been covering the on-again off-again status of the production. One moment Dan Aykroyd is saying the movie will go on without Venkman, the next we’re hearing otherwise. According to a Collider interview with Sigourney Weaver the cast will not return if Murray is absent from the film. Weaver previously indicated to CB that a version with Peter Venkman being dead was possible.

I’m not even sure where things stand on the production any more. Let’s assume they’re not moving forward at this point, and personally I think that’s for the best. I don’t think any one person should stop Ghostbusters III being made, but it’s an established team. Can you really envision a Ghostbusters movie without Venkman? It’d throw the whole balance off without him.

I’d be OK watching as the original group mentors young up and coming ghostbusters, and then step back. Especially if one of them is Oscar, the baby named after a hotdog…poor thing. But one thing is certain: a Ghostbusters 3 can be a good idea, but this series should not be rebooted with a whole new cast.