Order Up Short Film Proves Aliens Love Pizza

By Rudie Obias | 8 years ago

How do aliens order pizza from outer space? This new short film from director Seth Worley, titled Order Up, follows a pizza delivery boy’s adventure through time and space as he tries deliver a pizza to a mysterious extraterrestrial life-form. Worley seems to have been inspired by the pilot of the animated series Futurama for this one. Check it out…

Order Up was made with super-low-budget special effects, but it puts them to good use. It’s stylistic without looking cheap. Seth Worley and his team created this short film using Knoll Light Factory 3, a plug-in for Red Giant Effect Suite 12. The film makes a pretty good calling card for the various post-production software kits offered by Red Giant, and the software company even partnered with Worley to show off the full range of their products.

Seth Worley is a filmmaker from Nashville, Tennessee. In addition to Order Up, he also directed and co-wrote the short film Plot Device for Red Giant. Plot Device follows a young filmmaker who discovers a curious device that unleashes the full force of cinema on his front lawn. Plot Device was a finalist for Vemeo’s Advertising Awards in 2012, which gained Worley recognition on the Internet and from Hollywood. He also makes tutorials for RedGiantTV.com, which shows young filmmakers how to use the company’s post-production software.

It’s amazing to see what young filmmakers can do with readily available filmmaking technology today. It feels like anyone with an iPhone can make a high-quality short film and deliver it to the world through the Internet.

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