Short Circuit To Be Ruined By Remake

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shortcircuit09iok.jpgTerrible news from Remakeland, aka Hollywood. They’re putting their sticky fingers all over the classic Steve Guttenberg/Ally Sheedy movie Short Circuit. The depressing news of Number 5’s impending ruination via remake comes at the hands of Dimension Films, a studio mostly known for making low-budget horror movies, which has now snapped up the former franchise’s remake rights.

They plan to use the movie to beef up their family film slate. Except of course the original Short Circuit wasn’t really a family movie. Ok sure, it was rated PG, but then everything was rated PG back in the 80s. It actually tackled some fairly heavy stuff though, and it definitely had nearly as much appeal for adult audiences as it did for kids. The sequel was a little more watered down, but the original, family movie? Only in the broadest sense of the term. Expect Dimension to utterly ruin it. No disassemble!