SFFworthy Tumblr Skewers Upworthy Headlines With A Sci-Fi Twist

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

BorgOne of the perils of using social media is that your friends will almost always find a way to use it to irritate the hell out you. I’m not just talking about the endless pictures of their kids or their dogs or their lunch. No, I’m talking about those Facebook invaders that exist solely to clog your feed and make you want to beat your friends to death with a tire iron. The Farmville invites. The Bit Toons. The goddamn Upworthy links. You know the ones: an image accompanying a provocative, link-bait-y headline that goes something like this: “Tim Flapperdoodle set his crotch on fire and then nailed his head to a fencepost. What happened next will surprise you.” They make me want to scream. Thankfully the SFFworthy tumblr is here to turn lemons into sweet, sweet lemonade.


It’s all there. The faintly condescending tone. The headlines overselling the actual content. The false promises. Oh, so many false promises. Because I clicked on those links, Upworthy. I read them all, and you know what? I could totally believe what happened next, because what happened next wasn’t that surprising. AND I’M NEVER GETTING THAT TIME BACK, DAMN IT.


Ahem. Where was I? Right, SFFworthy. The tumblr is still pretty new at this point, but there are already a couple dozen pictures up, referencing everything from Star Wars to Dune to Blade Runner. I’m also awarding them extra points for including a tip of the hat to the infamous Star Wars Holiday Special.


I also really love this Twin Peaks one, because it perfectly represents those over-zealous Upworthy headlines and the often-underwhelming answers to all those hypothetical questions. (If you’re not a TP fan, he’s going to say that it’s “damn fine.” See? Total disappointment.)