Beyond The Planet Of The Apes: Six Seventies Sci-Fi Movies Worth Remaking

By David Wharton | 6 years ago

LogansRunLogan’s Run
The 1976 Logan’s Run film starring Michael York and Jenny Agutter is justifiably a cult classic, but Hollywood has already been trying to get a remake up and running for years now. It was X-Men director Bryan Singer’s baby for a long time, and more recently Drive‘s Nicolas Winding Refn was going to do a big-screen version with his man-muse Ryan Gosling. That’s since fallen apart, and the last we heard BioShock creator Ken Levine was writing a new Logan’s Run script. That’s got us optimistic, but it’s also been a year since that news broke.

You could do a straight remake of the movie, but there’s also plenty of material to mine in the original book written by William F. Nolan and George Clayton Johnson, and the two sequels, Logan’s World and Logan’s Search. Notions of overpopulation and limited resources are even more timely now than they were in 1976, and it would be fascinating to see what the future of Logan’s Run might look like now, with our own present as the speculative launching-off point. Plus, it’s just a great, meaty narrative concept: would it be worth dying at 30 (or 21 in the books) if all those years were filled with hedonistic excess? And would the deal still sound like a good one once you’re about to blow out your final birthday candles? Just remember, there is no Sanctuary… – David

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