Serenity’s Voyage Continues In Issue #2 Of Leaves On The Wind: Today In Science Fiction

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

Serenity2FeatFirefly fans are a die-hard bunch, even by normal sci-fi fan standards. Perhaps it’s because they have so little material representing their beloved franchise, especially when compared to the giants such as Star Wars and Star Trek. With only 14 episodes and a movie, all that passion gets filtered down to laser intensity, and their Browncoats’ love for Joss Whedon’s “space Western” and the crew of the Serenity has, if anything, only grown in the decade since the Fox series was canceled. It’s anyone’s guess if we’ll ever get more Firefly on the big or small screen, but the story of Malcolm Reynolds and company is finally continuing in the form of Serenity: Leaves on the Wind from Dark Horse comics, which just released its second issue today.

The series picks up after the Serenity movie, is officially in canon, and is being written by Joss’ brother, Zack Whedon (who has previously written for Fringe and Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, and who is a writer and co-producer on AMC’s upcoming ‘80s computer industry series Halt and Catch Fire). The first issue was quite good, revealing that the Serenity crew’s heroic actions in the movie haven’t exactly solved every problem in the ‘verse, and if anything have made their lives that much more difficult. The series is a must-read if you’re a Firefly fan, even if you’re not normally a comic reader. If you don’t want to find your local comic shop, you can snag a digital copy via Dark Horse’s online store.

Forced out of hiding, Serenity’s crew gets separated, and it becomes clear that everyone looking for the outlaws is on the verge of finding them. River offers to uncover the secrets that are hidden within her in the hope that the crew might have something to bargain with.


Today’s Television

Revolution (NBC, 8/7c) — “Fear and Loathing”

With their lives in danger in New Vegas, Monroe (David Lyons) and Connor (Mat Vairo) face a difficult decision in order to survive. Back in Willoughby, Miles (Billy Burke) questions whether he can trust Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) and Jason (JD Pardo) to help take down the Patriots. Meanwhile, Aaron (Zak Orth) and Priscilla (Maureen Sebastian) find themselves at odds over the nano code.

The Tomorrow People (The CW, 9/8c) — “Brother’s Keeper”

After getting some shocking news, Stephen (Robbie Amell) attempts to restore order in both his worlds by making a deal with Jedikiah (Mark Pellegrino). With a new break-out on the loose, Cara (Peyton List) and Russell (Aaron Yoo) try to lure him in but must contend with a trap from Ultra. Meanwhile, Jedikiah is closer to developing a new secret technology that could change his future.

Today’s Comics

Black Science #4 (Image Comics)

Grant McKay and his team of Dimensionauts are given a short reprieve when the Pillar drops them not into a hellish warzone or an alien swampland but a…hotel? Just don’t trust the room service; there’s more to this place than meets the eye.


Ghostbusters #13 (IDW Publishing)

Lucky issue 13 is here, and with it, the first installment of the eight-part event that will shake the boys and girls in grey to their core! Gozer the Gozerian, the Destructor, was once drawn to Manhattan, but could not complete his work. That’s the good news. The bad news is that he isn’t the only god who has taken notice of Earth… MASS HYSTERIA and our 30th anniversary tribute to the Ghostbusters begins here!


Halo: Escalation #3 (Dark Horse)

Commander Palmer confronts the traitor who has betrayed her team, as the Covenant closes in on their position. With time running out, Lasky is forced to make a costly sacrifice to save the peace delegation from the impending attack.


Judge Dredd #16 (IDW Publishing)

Twelve street judges have been slaughtered by a masked maniac with a dimension-jump machine. He has the thirteenth in his gun sights right now, and the only Judge who can stop the killer — Dredd — is a billion miles away. But it’s not so much the number of dead judges in the morgue. It’s what’s going to happen to their bodies very, very soon…


The Manhattan Projects #18 (Image Comics)

‘GAME THEORY’ The Manhattan Projects are in peril as the Great Game of the Infinite Oppenheimers is revealed.


Mass Effect: Foundation #8 (Dark Horse)

Disgraced after the failure of her most recent mission, Cerberus agent Rasa receives a chance at redemption from the Illusive Man. But is it absolution she will find at the hands of the assassin Thane Krios — or damnation?


Pariah #1 (Dark Horse)

Trapped in space, the genetically engineered geniuses known as ‘vitros’ must band together and create a plan to get back to Earth before their failing satellite turns into a deathtrap!


Star Trek #30 (IDW Publishing)

Captain Jane Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise fight for their lives in this concluding chapter of a 2-part story overseen by Star Trek writer/producer Roberto Orci! The Five Year Mission between blockbuster movies continues here, in this all-new mind-bending adventure!


Star Trek: Khan #5 (IDW Publishing)

It’s the climactic chapter of the origin of Star Trek‘s greatest villain! But how did he come to be called ‘John Harrison’? How did his vendetta against Admiral Marcus and Section 31 begin? All is revealed in this all-new story overseen by Star Trek Into Darkness writer/producer Roberto Orci!


Star Wars: Legacy #12 (Dark Horse)

A meeting with an old friend lands Ania Solo in handcuffs! Now that she’s a wanted criminal, even her pals Sauk and Imperial Knight Jao are wary of her. Held captive by one bounty hunter and pursued by another, Ania is one blaster shot away from a life sentence-or death!


The Walking Dead #122 (Image Comics)

‘ALL OUT WAR,’ Part Eight Negan has a plan.


X-Files Conspiracy Transformers #1 (IDW Publishing)

The Lone Gunmen’s trail of secrets leads them to evidence of extraterrestrial life – mechanical extraterrestrial life! Will OPTIMUS PRIME and his allies trust these human interlopers — and what secret conspiracy could involve CYBERTRON, anyway?!