Serenity Blue Sun Travel Posters Highlight Scenic Destinations Throughout The ‘Verse

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

SerenityValleyWith only 14 episodes produced, it’s understandable that Firefly fans would be eager to return to the ‘Verse in anyway they can. Sure, we got the movie, and now we’ve got the story continuing in the excellent Serenity: Leaves on the Wind comic, but with every year that passes, it seems less likely that we’ll get to see Nathan Fillion and the rest actually reunite on screen as the characters we love. Clearly, we’re not getting the Firefly we need here on Earth, so why not cut out the middle man and just book passage to one of the show’s scenic destinations directly?

Alas, I don’t actually have contact info for any interstellar travel agencies — if I did, you would currently be staring at a blank screen — but we do have some lovely faux travel posters that are suitable for framing and adorning the walls of your sci-fi-themed man cave. Or lady cave. Or whatever the female equivalent of “man cave” is that doesn’t automatically sound dirty. Where was I? Ah yes, an exciting vacation to exotic Sihnon!


The Serenity “Blue Sun” travel posters were actually created by artist Adam Levermore back in 2006, on a commission from Quantum Mechanix. They’re designed to emulate vintage posters from the WPA (Work Projects Administration), but highlighting various scenic destinations within the Firefly ‘Verse. Apparently they even got the thumbs up from Joss Whedon himself, who called them “extremely cool” and “masterfully designed” (as well as correcting the spelling of “Londinium”).


For those not well versed in the ‘Verse, Sihnon and Londinium were two of the first planets colonized after mankind fled Earth-That-Was. Sihnon is the “seat of Eastern civilization” in the Serenity canon, and is the world where many Companions such as Inara underwent their training in Artful Boning. Londinium, as the name suggests, was primarily settled by former Europeans and Americans, and serves as home for the Alliance Parliament. Persephone, the so-called “Gateway to the ‘Verse,” is where Simon and River Tam joined the Serenity crew, as well as Shepherd Book.


The last two locations played an even more integral part in the events of the show and movie. Located on the planet Hera, Serenity Valley was the site of the aptly titled Battle of Serenity Valley, an event that left its scars on both Mal and Zoé, not to mention many other embittered Browncoats. And Miranda…well, “tranquil” Miranda was the site of the top secret Alliance experiment that accidentally birthed the Reavers, as seen in Serenity. So that last one’s definitely a cheerful thing to help lighten up your sitting room.


You can grab a set of all five Serenity posters from Entertainment Earth, for a mere $29.99.