Secret Space Colony Movie The Wind Happening

By Brent McKnight | 9 years ago

Warner Bros. is preparing to launch a super secret science fiction project called The Wind. In a rare show of faith, the studio is handing the reigns over to first time director Nic Mathieu. Mathieu has helmed a number of sci-fi and action themed commercials for companies like Cadillac that are admittedly pretty cool. He has a definite visual flair, and makes use excellent use of special effects technology. It’ll be interesting to see what he can do on a larger scale, incorporating narrative and character into the mix.

Check out Mathieu’s Stellar commercial for Zenith. You can see his genre acumen on full display.

Plot details are sparse, but the action takes place in a space colony. Mission: Impossible writer David Koepp handled the scripting duties and will also produce The Wind. That seems like a smart move, to pair a relatively unknown quantity in Mathieu with an entertainment industry vet like Koepp.

At the moment there’s not a whole lot to talk about with The Wind. As earlier stated, Mathieu definitely has a handle on the visual effects side of things, which reportedly played a big part in his getting the job. The biggest question will be to see how he handles things like actors and story, not just aesthetic elements. However, he must have something to convince the studio to give him a shot. And if nothing else, it’s nice to see some more original sci-fi getting made.

Just for kicks, here’s Mathieu’s Caddy commercial as well.