Seattle Is Throwing The Mother Of All Doctor Who Birthday Parties

By Brent McKnight | 8 years ago

DalekThis week is a pretty big deal for fans of the BBC’s venerable sci-fi adventure Doctor Who. After all, how often to we get to celebrate a television show turning 50? The anniversary special, The Day of the Doctor, airs this weekend after what feels like tons of build up. Many of you have probably planned various get togethers and viewing parties, perhaps involving elaborate themes and costumes. There’s one shindig in the Pacific Northwest, however, that is going to be hard to beat.

Seattle’s EMP music, sci-fi, and pop culture museum, is a mecca of nerdy fun, and, understandably, they’re throwing an all out rager to commemorate the Time Lord hitting the half-century mark.

Beyond getting to mingle and unite with like-minded Whovians, there are a ton of Who-themed games and events planned. In attendance you’ll find the original Dalek and Cyberman used in episodes from Sylvester McCoy’s run as the seventh Doctor in the 1980s. You’ll also be able to commemorate the evening in a TARDIS photo booth, watch classic Doctor Who episodes, and play trivia curated by the fine folks behind GeekGirlCon and Geeks Who Drink. Sit in on a couple of lectures, dance to DJs, or just chow down at some of Seattle’s many tasty food trucks, it’s all up to you. A night like this wouldn’t be complete without a costume contest—be sure to bring your A game—and, just for kicks, a remote control Dalek will be around to chase you around and exterminate your ass.

There’s even more fun scheduled for the evening, but you get the general idea, there’s going to a little bit of something for just about everyone. And if dressing up and having a good time in celebration of Doctor Who isn’t enough, this all includes free reign of the rest of the EMP. This includes the “Icons of Science Fiction” exhibit, featuring props from the likes of Terminator and Aliens; “Can’t Look Away: The Lure of Horror Film,” which has Jack Nicholson’s axe from The Shinning; and a metric ton of other geeky and musical exhibits.

Last week, the BBC released the mini episode The Night of the Doctor, featuring the return of Paul McGann’s eighth Doctor, back for some well-deserved screen time, and the introduction of John Hurt’s War Doctor. We still don’t know much about this mysterious new figure, but he promises to figure prominently in the Time War, as well as the 50th anniversary celebration. Dark and ominous, it is a nice warm up to the main event on Saturday, and could permanently alter the landscape of Doctor Who.

If that sounds like a damn fine time, check out EMP’s website for more information.