The Scooby-Doo Gang Invades Walking Dead And Firefly

By Nick Venable | 7 years ago

scooby gang walking dead on van
Cue the organs. It’s a z-z-z-zombie! It doesn’t work quite as well as g-g-g-ghost, but ghosts aren’t really anyways. The undead, however…those guys are legit. And while the gang from Scooby-Doo isn’t accustomed to taking on valid threats, artist/photographer Jeff Zoet recently set up a gorgeously crafted photo shoot which sets the gang in the middle of a zombie infestation. Granted, it isn’t really in direct reference to The Walking Dead, because if that happened, we’d be reminded of just show inferior that show’s characters are when compared to Shaggy and Scoob. You know what Scooby Snacks are really made of? Carl fucking Grimes.

Honestly, this is what I’d think most Scooby-Doo fans always wanted out of this fearsome fivesome: weapons and badassery. We’re going to pretend that neither of the films happened (even though I kind of liked the second one), and that these characters were created in Daryl Dixon’s image. Daphne was actually the first crush I had as a kid, and if my wife finds out that I printed out hundred of pictures of the Daphne seen above and pasted them all over the wall of my closet, she might just be my last crush. Really though, she’s probably too prissy for me, insisting on bringing high heels to a gun fight. I’m more in tune with the hatchet-wielding nerdy-but-deadly Velma. And while the sidearm-equipped Fred finally looks hardcore sans ascot, you can’t do better than Shaggy with a shotgun. In fact, Jason Eisener needs to go back and remake his Hobo With a Shotgun to include the Shaggy seen here. You know what he uses as bullets? Carl Grimes’ teeth.

Take a peek at some more of Zoet’s awesome imagery below. I love seeing Scooby just standing on the graffiti-laden Mystery Machine in the background.

scooby gang walking dead

scooby gang walking dead shaggy

scooby gang walking dead velma

But maybe you’re more into the gang’s heroics rather than their ability to re-murder zombies. Maybe you want to see them as a ragtag group of space-faring Browncoats. Well now you can, thanks to the amazingly talented pop artist James Hance, who you might remember from the excellent watercolor paintings he created of the Firefly crew, a series he shows much reverence to. Only this time, with a more playful spin. Eat your heart out, Speed Buggy people.

scooby gang firefly

And one for the DC Universe Whovians. Hance has something for you, too.

doctor who man of steel

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