Sci-Fi Thriller Infini Channels Ridley Scott In Trailer And Poster

By Brent McKnight | 7 years ago

If you’re going to emulate any style, it might as well be an awesome one, and that’s exactly the vibe you get from Infini, a new sci-fi thriller from director Shane Abbess (Gabriel). He was looking to capture the gritty look and feel of those cool pulpy genre films from the 1970s and 80s, and if this trailer, some new photos, and posters are an accurate representation, then he’s definitely accomplished his goal.

The story follows a search and rescue team who use Slipstream technology to transport themselves to a distant mining colony in order to save the single survivor of a freak accident. But something is obviously wrong, and as you can tell from this trailer, he thinks he’s home now. When someone loses their shit like that, it’s never a good sign. Along the way, the team also has to locate and quarantine a biological weapon that is set to appear on Earth within an hour, which, as you probably figured out on your own, would be very, very bad.

The cool set pieces and tense, ominous tone, gives this the feeling of movies like Ridley Scott’s Alien or John Carpenter’s The Thing. These people are stuck, there’s nowhere for them to go, and there’s something sinister and deadly out there to be dealt with. Not the most original of set ups, but if done right, it’s one that you can certainly get a lot of mileage out of.

InfiniIf the trailer isn’t enough to sell you the grim, claustrophobic nature of Infini, these stills from the film may be just the trick. Everything has a suitably dirty, lived in look and feel that you buy it’s an off world mining facility, and whenever you find someone frozen completely solid, that does not bode well for good times ahead, or even your ultimate survival. You might as well just give up at that point, because you’re pretty screwed.

infini posterPoster Posse artist Candy Killer (also known as Brian Taylor in his day to day life) delivered a very fitting official poster for Infini. Composition wise, this definitely fits the aesthetic the film is trying to go for, and while it may not look super unique at first glance, the fact that it’s not just another dashed off Photoshop job sets it apart from many of its fellows.

infini2These close up view of the individual portraits give you a good sense of the texture, detail, and shading that went into this, something that doesn’t quite come across when you view the whole picture shrunken down to fit in a sparse few pixels.

infini3Infini stars Daniel Macpherson, Grace Huang, Luke Hemsworth, Dwaine Stevenson, Harry Pavlidis, Kevin Copeland, Louisa Mignone, Tess Haubrich, Bren Foster, and Luke Ford. While there is no specific release date for set for this yet, expect Infini to drop in some capacity in 2015.