Sci-Fi Stash: Four Things To Spend Your Hard-Earned Cash On This Week

By David Wharton | 7 years ago

SkinUnder the Skin
Scarlett Johansson has had a helluva run in the last year or so. Captain America: The Winter Soldier gave her Black Widow nearly as much spotlight as Cap himself, and was all the better for it. She delivered an award-winning performance using only her voice in Spike Jonze’s Her. And she delivered a creepy performance as an alien seductress preying on men in the Scottish countryside. I know, that sounds like the synopsis of at least half the dirty movies you once discovered in the back of your Uncle Ian’s closet that one time, but Under the Skin is trying for more than just titillation. (Although there’s plenty of that too, as I’m guessing several of you discovered after Googling “Scarlett Johansson Under the Skin.”)

Directed by Jonathan Glazer and co-written by Glazer and Walter Campbell, Under the Skin is based loosely on the novel by Michel Faber. The movie was nearly universally praised (86% Fresh on RottenTomatoes), and now you can grab a copy on Blu-Ray and DVD. The Blu-Ray includes 10 short featurettes:

  • Camera
  • Casting
  • Editing
  • Locations
  • Music
  • Poster Design
  • Production Design
  • Script
  • Sound
  • VFX


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