Sci-Fi Is The Most Pirated Genre Of Film

By Will LeBlanc | 9 years ago

Most of us try our best to see movies legitimately, whether it be paying to see them in theaters, renting a DVD, or checking out something on Netflix streaming. But there’s a lot of you out there that still pull out the peg leg and pop on the tri-corner hat for some good old fashioned pirating. TorrentFreak has published a list of the most illegally downloaded films since 2006, when pirating hit the main stage.

Not surprisingly, sci-fi made quite an impact on the list, not only topping it, Avatar holds the number one spot, but filling in the ranks with The Dark Knight, Star Trek, and The Incredible Hulk as well. Avatar was downloaded a whopping 21 million times but still managed to gross almost $3 billion, proving that pirates aren’t really hurting the film industry at all. Even The Dark Knight, which was downloaded 19 million times, broke the $1 billion mark meaning that if you’ve made a good movie and did your job advertising it, people are going to see it.

The logical explanation for the high number of sci-fi downloads on the list would simply be that people who are into sci-fi generally are better at using computers than the general public. We know where to go to find what we’re looking for and if it prevents us from shutting off our video games then we’re going to do it. No one is saying that’s right, but that’s what happens. There’s a reason The Blind Side is the most rented movie on Netflix and doesn’t even appear in the top ten most downloaded movies. People who know how to download movies don’t give a shit about The Blind Side.

You could say that every one of these downloads robs the studios of the exorbitant $12 price tag, but probably a lot of these downloads were from people who paid money to see the films at least once and wouldn’t have paid to see them again, or from people who just wouldn’t pay money to see them in the first place. The people who love movies know how to appreciate a movie in its natural habitat, on the big screen, and pirates, while breaking the law, will support movies they think are good.

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