The Toughest Science Fiction Characters Of All Time

By David Wharton | 8 months ago

RipleyEllen Ripley
When you’ve faced down armor-plated alien killing machines as many times as Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) has, there isn’t much left out there to scare you. If there is something worse than that, it’s worth being cautious around. And if you can find someone willing to strap into a power loader and go hand-to-hand with an alien queen, not to mention calling her a bitch in the process, that’s an individual you need to add to your team of badass mercenaries as soon as possible. Xenomorphs are nothing to trifle with, and once you’ve tussled with a few of them and lived to tell the tale, there’s not much else to say. Hell, even Ripley’s clones are tough as hell. Maybe you can make an entire team out of them and you won’t even have to keep looking.

Max“Mad” Max Rockatansky
Every team needs a wheelman, and there are few better out there than Max Rockatansky. Tooling around the post-apocalyptic wastes in his jerry-rigged battlewagon has given him the practical know-how when it comes to dealing with, avoiding, and “taking care of” any hostile drivers your team may encounter on the roadways. And given the fact that he’s generally working in harsh, adverse conditions for motor maintenance, and that spare parts aren’t exactly available at every corner store, this is a man with the ability to bring just about any motor out there back to life, under any circumstances, no matter how dead you think it might be. And that is a particularly useful bit of knowledge when you need to get the hell out of Dodge in short order. Sure, you might be able to hear him coming with that creaky knee, or the rumbling thunder of his engines, but he also brings a badass dog to the party, and what’s a party without a dog?

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