Science Team Mixes Absurdity With Sci-Fi Horror In This Goofy Trailer

By Nick Venable | Published

Science Team – Official Trailer by dreadcentralWhen considering the subgenre of sci-fi comedies, the two films that enter my brain first are Mel Brooks’ Spaceballs and Stephen Herek’s Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Both of these movies tell stories that are interesting and whose comedy is as broad as the side of the funny farm’s barn. But there’s something completely different going on with Drew Bolduc’s upcoming genre-masher Science Team, which looks like it will take all expectations and yell at them awkwardly.

Science Team is the second feature from filmmaker Bolduc, who first popped up on our radars with the semi-cult 2010 gross-out horror The Taint from Troma. He also served as screenwriter, editor, composer, special effects guy, and producer, so you know he was pretty invested in this flick. This trailer hit the Internet last week and looks exactly like something that would rise from the world of Troma, with an added layer of absurdity thrown in instead of overloading the gore.

The plot is delightfully convoluted and bizarre, involving Chip (Vito Trigo) visiting his mother only to find that she’s been murdered, and an immobile space alien now resides in her house. Making matters worse/more interesting is the alien’s ability to make everyone in its general vicinity mentally unstable. It takes a special group of warriors to battle such a creature, so the Science Team is called in. This titular group is a covert government agency that handles all extraterrestrial threats, led by the gravel-throated, and wheelchair-bound, Professor Dick Willington (Matt Chodoronek). Both times I watched the trailer, I chortled at the bit where he just kept screaming for the other guy to “Kill it!” Terrible puns and unnecessarily loud characters get me every time. It’s a serious character flaw.

This Buncom Media International project isn’t exactly high on my list of films to run to the theater for in the near future, but that’s probably because its highly limited release doesn’t come anywhere near me. To me, it looks like The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra filtered through 1980s video store favorites. That kind of a throw-it-in-a-blender mix up is always going to be a bigger hit with me than the latest creature combination Syfy cooked up, or whatever those Transformer things are doing. (Turn me into a fan, Mark Wahlberg.)

Check out the well-designed poster for the film below.

science teamYou don’t need to get your mind exploded to see Science Team with your own eyes. You just need to be in Baltimore, Calgary, or Asbury Park in April for the film’s next few showings. Want to see the infomercial-like first three minutes of Science Team? Just hit play. Hit play! HIT PLAY!